Rakhi Sawant: Not interested in news anymore, I have to save my marriage

After creating the hoax of getting married to Deepak Kalal in 2018, Rakhi Sawant has announced that she has finally tied the knot. However, the audience is not completely believing it. There are some who think that this is just another gimmick.
Rakhi Sawant has grabbed headlines for quite some time now. Her bridal photoshoot pictures left her followers on Instagram and across social media curious to know if she had tied the knot. Rakhi had shared pictures on her social media account where she was seen dressed in a white bridal gown. The pictures had her dolled up in a white dress with a tiara, purple lipstick and a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Not to miss the beautiful henna design and the red chooda (traditional wedding bangles) along with the veil to the dress. The bangles have her husband Ritesh’s name imprinted on them.

Not just these pictures, there were other pictures shared by Rakhi Sawant that raised eyebrows. Photos of Rakhi dolled up in a maroon satin nightie with a glass of wine in hand were also doing the rounds on social media.
Interestingly, Sofia Hayat commented on Rakhi Sawant’s photo and said that she was happy to see her in the wedding outfit. “Finally I see you in a wedding dress!!!!,” wrote Sofia. However, when Rakhi Sawant shared a few more photos of herself decked in the traditional bridal lehenga with several looks, there were people who thought that the wedding news is a publicity gimmick and this is just a photo shoot.
Not interested in news anymore. I have to save my married life, thanks.”

She further said that she is unfazed with her wedding being called a publicity stunt. Rakhi said she doesn’t care what the world has to say about her. “I have given half of my life to the industry, if people don’t respect me that’s okay, God bless them.”
Rakhi Sawant also emphasised on the fact that she is happy with her husband. “I am happy with my married life. I love my husband like God. I love my Jesus because Jesus has given me my Pati Parmeshwar, and I love my husband a lot. I don’t care what people think about me,” said the 40-year-old.

On another note, Rakhi Sawant hasn’t shared any pictures of Ritesh, who she says is her husband. For the uninitiated, Rakhi Sawant had announced that she is getting married to Deepak Kalal on December 31, 2018, in Los Angeles. She and Kalal had also said they would be live-streaming their honeymoon. Rakhi had also shared the wedding invite on her Instagram account along with her flight ticket to Los Angeles.